Sponsor Climate Change Education!

Harwood Education invites you to help us deliver Phase 2 of our eduCCate™ initiative so that every UK primary school can have one Lead Teacher with the One United Nations Climate Change Learning Partnership certification (UN CC:Learn).

Join our Global Community! Harwood Education, Ltd has teamed up with the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) to develop and deliver an innovative Climate Change Education Programme (eduCCate™). This ambitious multi-annual project seeks to develop a comprehensive package of interactive classroom materials on climate change for school teachers and children.

Leverage the knowledge and experience from experts within the United Nations’ system (90+ countries)

UN certification provides teachers with the knowledge, skills and confidence with which to deliver the UN CC:Learn courses with Harwood Education’s multi-media presentation (eduCCate™)

Get in on the Action!

We are thankful to YPO for sponsoring Phase 1.

YPO’s belief in providing training for teachers on climate change enables 80 primary schools in the UK to integrate climate change lessons into the school’s curriculum. Ultimately YPO intends to show that by investing in educating teachers we are creating a greener and more climate-resilient future.

Free Climate Change Teacher Academy!

Our eduCCate™ Climate Change Teacher Academy is a free membership that offers our bespoke, multi-media presentation of 5 of the UN CC:Learn courses.

Our bespoke presentation of 5 of the UN CC:Learn courses:


*Introduction to Climate Change Science

*Children and Climate Change

*Cities and Climate Change

*Human Health and Climate Change

*Gender and Environment

(Each course offers customised video (featuring Melanie Harwood as instructor), audio, pdf, and power point presentations)

We Value Your Sponsorship.

Harwood Education is teaming up with Yahki in order to provide a safe and secure platform that will bring the eduCCate™ version of 5 of the UN CC:Learn courses to every school in the UK. Yahki’s powerful and creative platform will inspire children and teachers to generate and share their ideas, their videos of their projects and innovative solutions. Yahki is the only place you can collect items from almost ‘everywhere’ using one screen. In order to participate with Yahki…we need your support.

Get ready to sponsor Phase 2!

We need Lead Teachers in every UK primary school to be certified to deliver our bespoke presentation of 5 of the One United Nations Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn) courses via Yahki. Our eduCCate™ Climate Change Teacher Academy prepares  teachers for the UN CC:Learn certification.