Setting Goals As a CRE Broker

To become a successful commercial real estate broker, your goals must be tactile and quantifiable. Set goals for all aspects of your work, it can be in improving client relationships, gaining knowledge, or growing your selling skills.  

As a CRE broker, you are the boss in that case you must set your goals perfectly to reach them quickly. Setting a goal in the sense,  what do you want and how you are going to make it happen? as you are the boss it’s very important what you need to do each day to achieve the target.

Let’s now discuss some tips on how to successfully set goals as a CRE broker.

Quantify your goals

You have to be strong on what is your goal, right? In the same way, it’s good to put a number on your goal.

Examples of the common quantifiable goals include,

Income goals

Number of deals closed

A specific market share percentage

Whatever it is you have to create a workflow that will help you in reaching it faster.

Create measurables.

Some goals can be achieved in a short time but some might require time to complete, so break down the goals into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily pieces. For example,  if your goal is $700,000 in earnings, which means 18 closings, 18 listings, 60 proposals, and 250 meetings, so your goal is one meeting every day. Set the measurable and try to follow it daily, executing it every day will create a way for your success.

Make it public. 

Making your goals public is a great thing but some people don’t do it because they will be afraid of failure, hyperfocused on what the public will think of, and fear to make a commitment. If you’re more committed to your goal it will help in reaching the goals.

Set a goal from now and find your way to success!